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12 Fun Activities to Enjoy This Summer

Ahh…summertime is nearly officially here! Time for sun, ice cream, trips out, time with friends, and long days. It’s the time of year that many people look forward to for all these reasons and more. If you’re stuck at what to do to keep the kids busy and active and want to try something new, then we’ve got a few fun suggestions for you.

Sponge water bombs

Cut strips longways on sponges about an inch wide (should get three strips from one sponge). Stack nine strips as three across and three up and secure tightly in the middle with a rubber band. Then pull the sponges apart so that it almost resembles a ball. Soak them in water and let the kids toss them around! You may even be able to convince them to wash the car! Watch a video on making this super easy and fun activity here.

Go to a “pick-your-own farm

Find a farm that has pick-your-own crops where the family can gather their own in-season fruit, vegetables, and even flowers. This can get kids interested in eating healthy and learning more about how things grow.

Have a sleepover

Many kids don’t get to see a lot of their friends over the summer with school being out, so why not host a fun sleepover? Let the kids make tents, tell stories, watch a favorite movie, and overall all have some quality time with close friends.

Go camping

The summer is the perfect time to go camping as a family and get back to nature. If you don’t want to do the full camping experience, try “glamping” in an RV or even a cottage. Want your little ones to experience it for the first time? Try camping backyard first.

Fun foam

Put two tablespoons of dish soap, ¼ cup water, and a few drops of food coloring in a blender and blend until it turns to foam. Putt different colors in different trays/bins and a few empty ones to let the kids mix colors in. If you’re afraid your little ones may try to eat it (and let’s face it, the youngest ones usually do!) try using cool whip instead, just beware of stickiness!

Go to a baseball game

Summer is the time for baseball and many stadiums make the experience family friendly, with plenty for kids to see and do in addition to the game.

Build sandcastles

Grab a shovel, bucket, and some castle molds and head to the beach to make some impressive castles.

Go to a water park

Waters parks are the absolute best in the summer! What better way to cool off than water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers? They can get busy, so try going first thing in the morning to be able to enjoy as much as possible.

Build a fort

Take old spare boxes and cut them up to resemble a fort or castle. Have two big boxes and connect them with small ones so kids have to crawl through to the other side. Kids also love being able to decorate their fort too, so break out some large paint brushes and paints to let them get creative.

Play a game of mini-golf

Mini-golf is an activity that the whole family can get into. Courses are usually themed, making it quite the adventure for kids to enjoy. They also practice those hand-eye coordination skills.

Visit an aquarium

There is nothing more mysterious than what lurks below the blue horizon, so let kids explore the different environments found under the sea at an aquarium.

Go to the local parks

Some parks will have family-friendly activities on during the summer, so it is worth checking with your local one to see what they have going on. From daytime walks to outdoor movies, there is usually a lot going on that can be experienced locally.

What are you looking forward to most this summer? Tell us about it!


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