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5 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Newborns

Is there a new addition to your family or have a friend who just welcomed a new baby? Shopping for a newborn can seem difficult, especially when they tend to have everything they need, and you know they won’t remember much of their first Christmas. That doesn’t mean they (and their parents) can’t get some amazing gift that are useful, meaningful and ones that can make memories. Here’s our Christmas gift guide for newborns with some ideas for that hard-to-buy baby!

Natural Baby Bath Set

We’re kicking off our baby gift guide with somethingquite common, but let’s face it – we can’t have too many baby bath time itemsand towels as they always will be used (or ruined). We know that baby’s skin isso extremely delicate, so finding the right product may be hard. Treat thatdelicate skin to a natural product that’s great for sensitive skin, like thishighly-rated PuracyNatural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Set.

And don’t forget the towel! Bamboo towels are supersoft and absorbent, absorbing 40% more than regular towels, leaving your babyfeeling nice and dry and warm all snuggled up in his or her towel. This Landof the Wee hooded towel is organic and hypoallergenic too.

Milestone Cards

This is a fun trend that helps build memories all year long but to be treasured forever. Milestone cards are placed next to baby to mark 1-12 months in age or things like first smile, first tooth, and other funevents that happen in the first year of age. Some even come with blankets thatmake it easy to mark growth. We especially love these supercute milestone cards by JumpOff Jo which includes events like “Irocked the roll today!” as well as marking months.

Piggy Bank

Piggy banks (or the like!) have been around for years and years, but they make a great gift, especially for babies. It is a good way of starting off some savings or funds, whether for a rainy day or for college, etc. Funds can eventually be put into a bank account, if desired, but a piggy bank is a great way to start off. Get a classic bank or personalize it!

Night Light Toy

Anything that could potentially bring baby comfort at night is most grateful for both baby and parents! There are so many different night lights to choose from, from the classic plug ins to ones that project colors and play music. We particularly like the ones that are part cuddly toy, likethis elephant. It projects stars softly above your baby to look atand gentle tunes to listen to whilst drifting off to slumber (hopefully).

Outdoor Play Pen

Outside play is so important, even for babies! This is why we think an outdoor play pen, like the RegaloPortable Playard, is incredibly helpful and allows babies to explore being outside safely. It is washable and folds up easily, so can betaken anywhere like to the park, so baby can look around his or her surroundings on a nice outdoor family outing. We also love how this one is off of the ground, so it can be placed on most surfaces without being too uncomfortable. It can also be used indoors too as a safe place for the little one to play in.


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