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6 Fun Father’s Day Crafts

It’s that time of year where we honor our dads, stepdads, grandpas, and those who are like a dad. You could let the kids pick out another tie for Dad, or you can let them get creative and make something different for them to cherish. Not only does it allow kids to delve into arts and crafts, but it gives Dad something unique. Here are some of our favorite ideas to try!

King of the BBQ Apron

(Source: http://www.momondealz.com and http://www.marinmommies.com)

Does Dad love to cook? Can you find him most weekends around the grill? Then help him protect his clothes with his very own personalized apron. There are a lot of advertisements this time of year promoting ordering one, but what is the fun in that? Grab some fabric paints and let the kids have a go in making Dad or Grandpa something unique. You can even cut out shapes on colored fabric and sew them together as shown above – a great activity for the kids who are a bit older.

Golf Tee Porcupine

(Source: http://www.readingconfetti.com/2012/05/golf-tee-porcupine-for-fathers-day.html)

We are loving these golf tee porcupines from Reading Confetti (http://www.readingconfetti.com/2012/05/golf-tee-porcupine-for-fathers-day.html)! Perfect for any golf-loving dad, they’re easy even for the smallest members of the family to make. Get some Styrofoam ovals and cut them in half (or other shapes that you can cut down). Decorate these pieces any way you’d like, either with markers, paint, or even glitter. Don’t forget to add a nose and some wiggly eyes! Let it dry completely before pushing in several golf tees all over.

DAD Cut-Out Frame

(Source: https://www.activityvillage.co.uk/dad-photo-frame)

This project is fun because the kids can use whatever they want to decorate the frames. Use a card to cut out the letters DAD as well as the middles (you may need to do this for the kids). This can be as big or small as you’d like it, as long as a picture can fit within the letters just fine. Decorate the letters any way you’d like, with paint, glitter, stickers, crayons, markers, buttons, tissue paper – pretty much anything! Once they have dried, glue a picture in each of the centers of fun times and glue each letter together, just slightly overlapping. Some car can be used on the back to help it stand upright, or if light enough, add a magnet.

Love You to Pieces Frame

(Source: https://www.craftymorning.com/love-pieces-fathers-day-frame-gift/)

Another frame idea to try is a “Love You to Pieces” frame. Take a picture of the kids together holding a sign that says “Love you to pieces” to put in the frame once it’s finished and print it out. Have them glue four popsicle sticks together that can be colored or left plain. Then glue on pieces of an old puzzle that may already be missing pieces around the edges. Attach the picture once everything has dried, and how Dad how much he is loved!

Loose Change Tray

If Dad is always coming home with a pocket full of change, give him somewhere to keep it safe, like a look change try or jar. This can be made in several ways. Use air dry clay to shape a tray. You can even have the kids put their handprints on the inside, to always be reminded of how small they once were! When it is fully dried, it can be decorated and personalized. Alternatively, get a mason jar and use marker paints to write “Dad’s loose change jar” and decorate or tissue paper and glue to cover it.

Father’s Day Notepad

This cute and super easy project is something that Dad can really use at work. Get a large, plain notepad and put a rubber band over it so that it keeps the block together while children can decorate two sides. Once that’s done, then use broad-tip markers to write messages of love to Dad and make drawings. Switch the rubber band the other side to keep the block in place while kids decorate the other sides. Tie up with a ribbon and put it as part of a new desk set for Dad.

What are your kids working on this Father’s Day? Don’t forget to show us on our social media pages!


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