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8 Healthy and Tasty Lunch Box Ideas

Now that school has been well and truly underway, you may find yourself scrambling for new lunch ideas. Your kids will probably happily eat their favorites every day, but it is good to throw in a little variety to promote a more well-rounded diet. Here are some ideas for a lunch box that is full of both delicious and healthy things. We’re sure you’ll find something even for the pickiest eaters!

Cheese Quesadillas

Sick of making the same sandwiches every day? Go for something different and try a quesadilla! These are super easy to make with just cheese and tortillas. You can throw in a few pieces of shredded chicken or veggies as well, or serve them on the side like sliced red bell pepper. Lightly coat a skillet with butter or oil and lay one tortilla flat in it with cheese and other fillings. Once slightly melted and the tortilla has gone a bit crispy, lay the second tortilla on top and flip until it does the same. Cut up into small triangles to make eating easier for little hands.

Deli Roll-Ups

Another sandwich-free idea is deli meat roll-ups. They look fun with all the swirls and can be filled with pretty much anything! Turkey is a great choice of deli meat as it is full of protein. Add lettuce and other toppings onto a wrap and roll it up. Then slice it up into smaller pieces. These go great with apple slices, raisins, or pretzels.

Cold Chicken Plate

Here is a cold plate that you don’t need to worry about staying warm throughout the day: Sliced chicken breast with cheese cubes and cut up grapes. It is so incredibly simple but it has a lot of nutritional value. The chicken breast has protein, essential for developing muscle and minds, the grapes have a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, and cheese is a wonderful source of calcium, great for our bones. They can be cut into bite sizes, great for little fingers and fine motor skills.

Breakfast for Lunch

Yes, that’s right! Breakfast for lunch can make for a fun meal and a healthy one. Make (or buy) whole wheat mini pancakes that are full of fiber. Add a boiled egg and your child’s favorite fruit on the side as well as a yogurt pack.


Soup is an easy way to hide loads of vegetables and other foods your child probably wouldn’t normally eat. We suggest making your own ahead of time because you can control how much salt you put in it whereas canned soups tend to be loaded with sodium. Try leftover chicken, pasta, broth, peas and carrots into a delicious soup that is sure to be enjoyed. You can even have your child help pick out ingredients to throw into the mix.

Shaped Sandwiches

Break out the cookie cutters because this sandwich idea is always a big hit with the little ones. Square sandwiches every day can be boring. Try adding a shape to them. Simple use a cookie cutter (if large enough so you don’t waste a lot of bread) to press down into the already-made sandwich and pull away the excess. Hearts and dinosaurs are popular choices.

Chicken and Brown Spanish Rice

Brown rice is a great, healthier alternative to white rice because it is whole grain. It keeps a lot of the nutritional properties include B vitamins and helps with normal body functions like digestion. The taste isn’t for everyone but mixed with other foods, it can be a delicious meal that will keep tummies satisfied. Mix with seasoned chicken (or even ground beef) and peas. Serve with cut up grapes or even a few tortilla chips.

Mini Burritos

Use small tortillas to wrap up seasoned ground beef, ground turkey, or chicken along with rice, black beans, and guacamole. Of course, you can add or take out whatever your child likes or doesn’t like. The guacamole is full of the healthy fats our bodies need, so don’t be afraid to put some on if your child is fond of the green stuff! The meat and beans will add proteins. You can also use brown rice instead of white.

You wouldn’t want a disaster to happen and have your child not eat because it is a food they don’t like or have never tried before. Always make sure it is something you know they will have because you don’t want them going hungry in school. If you have a picky eater, try introducing new foods on the weekends. Make meals together to make it more interesting. You can even have your child help pack the night before. They may find it more appealing if they get to show to their friends something they made.


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