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Autumn Crafts for Kids to Enjoy

It’s getting to be that time of year again – the nights are drawing in, the air will start being a bit crisper, and the colors around us start to change. Autumn is our most favorite time of year at PBK HQ. It’s cozy and calmer than the summer it seems. And as it is starting to get cooler (and sometimes wet and rainy), it’s the perfect time to break out the seasonal crafts! If you’re looking for some autumn craft ideas for kids, we’ve put together some of our favorites here.

Paper Plate Hedgehog

(Source: Easy, Peasy, and Fun, https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/paper-plate-hedgehog-craft/)

We have GOT to start with this super adorable hedgehog made out of a paper plate and leaves. Let the kids paint the bottom side of a paper plate with brown paint and let dry. Cut the paper plate in half and then glue it together along the rippled edges, leaving the bottom half (the cut you made) open to let the hedgehog stand on its own. Make a mark where the head will be and start layering leaves. After one layer, let it dry a bit before adding the next (or it can get messy!). Add a googly eye to each side on the head, a nose, and a smiley face.

Find out more over at Easy, Peasy, and Fun.

Fall Tree

(Source: I Heart Crafty Things, https://iheartcraftythings.com/contact-paper-sticky-wall-fall-tree.html)

We love the idea of a large colorful tree that isn’t limited to just what you can do on a standard piece of paper. Go big with this autumn tree craft idea from I Heart Crafty Things using contact paper. The contact paper makes sure walls are not damaged whilst letting the kids decorate. Use scrunched up brown paper for the trunk and leaves, and let kids stick on leaves, real, artificial, or cut out, or even just big colorful dots in yellow, orange, brown, and red.

See how I Heart Crafty Things did it over on their blog.

Fall Leaf Wreath

(Source: Happiness is Homemade, https://www.happinessishomemade.net/kids-craft-watercolor-fall-leaf-wreath/)

We think this is perfect for all ages, even the littlest crafters, with a little help! Take a big white piece of card and let your child paint all over it with autumn colors using watercolor paint. The blending of the watercolors is really pretty and looks realistic. Once the paper/card is completely dry, cut out leaf shapes from it. You can do this by hand, but if you have a die-cut machine then definitely use that as a shortcut! Then cut out the inside of a paper plate, leaving only the outer ring, and glue the leaves all around that, overlapping for a nice full look. Add a ribbon to hang, and you’ve got a beautiful new wreath to use this fall!

See the way Happiness is Homemade put together their fall leaf wreath here.

Apple Printing

(Source: Red Ted Art, https://www.redtedart.com/kids-crafts-making-apple-prints-a-little-easier/)

Nothing says, “It’s Fall!” more than apple picking! Apple prints are a common art project, as it’s easy and fun. You can use apple prints to make wrapping paper like Red Ted Art did here, or even make a tree with apples in it using the apple prints.

See how Red Ted Art made apple printing a bit easier and to stop it sticking to the paper over on their page.

Leaf Rubbings

(Source: Edventures with Kids, https://www.kcedventures.com/blog/art-and-science-of-leaf-rubbings-nature-activity)

This is another classic autumn project that is not only fun and colorful, but it’s educational too. Go on a leaf hunt to gather leaves of different shapes and sizes, but large ones are great. Back home, set a leaf on a flat surface, and rub it with a crayon sideways, careful not to press too hard, but hard enough so that a good imprint comes out. A clipboard can help keep the paper and leaf into place. You will be able to see all the lines and detail that are on the leaves that you may not have noticed before thanks to highlighting them through the rubbing.

Try it with colored pencils or oil pastels too. It will produce a different result with each medium used! Edventures with Kids gives a few other variations to try.

Share with Us!

Please share with us the fall crafts you and your family have done together! We’d love to see all the creativity from around the world, so follow us on social media and share with us your snaps of your creations.


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