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Christmas Books and Activities for Kids

The only thing better than a good Christmas book is one that you can get involved with. We’ve picked out some of the best books that have a great festive story but also come with activities that make them even better. They’re the perfect way of learning more about the story and make for great activities to get into on these cold winter days.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

We’re kicking off with the ultimate classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This is bound to be very popular this year with the movie remake too. So, in addition to reading the book with the little ones and seeing the new movie, you can also combine it with the activity of being kind. We learn all about how the Grinch hates Christmas and tries to make it miserable for others too, before discovering the true meaning of Christmas and making it right again. Why not do some good deeds every day up until Christmas to be un-Grinch-like? Help spread a little Christmas joy!

Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect

Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect is a heart-warming tale of a Christmas tree who is determined to be perfect for the Queen to choose as the official tree this Christmas. However, as wildlife make the tree it’s home, it starts to resemble something less than “perfect”, but what is “perfect” anyway? This is such a lovely tale that can be combined with making Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes and out of nearly anything you can think of. Color or paint, create something out of play-doh, make them our of cupcakes and ice cream cones, or take a walk to find some pinecones to glue decorations on to make into a tree. The possibilities are endless, but the outcome will all be the same…the perfect Christmas tree!

The Night Before Christmas

Is it really Christmas without reading this classic? The Night Before Christmas has been around since 1823 and has been a traditional read for families ever since. Obviously, a popular choice for Christmas Eve, there is so many activities that can be combined with this reading, starting with preparing for Santa’s visit! You may even want to get your child to help spread “reindeer food” outside (stick with oats and carrots and stay away from glitter and other plastics). Make sure stockings are hung, by the chimney with care, of course, and write letters to Santa welcoming to your home, accompanied with cookies and milk.

The Polar Express

Another book that can be combined with the movie, The Polar Express is just incredibly magical for the whole family. Create your own Polar Express trains out of building blocks of some type if you have them, or even decorate graham cracker pieces into a train as an example below from Chasing Supermom. And don’t forget the magical bell! Do you believe?

How to Catch an Elf

Best-seller How to Catch an Elf is full of fun rhymes and colorful pictures about how to catch the elusive elf. Your kids will love the funny ways to catch an elf, and you all can try to come up with your own ways to catch an elf around the home. Which will you try?

The Sweet Smell of Christmas

Here’s a different kind of story for kids…one that you can smell! The Sweet Smell of Christmas is a scratch-and-sniff storybook full of all the best smells that come with Christmas, including hot chocolate, gingerbread, and more. Encourage kids to identify some of the smells that come with this time of year, and try to recreate them yourselves, like with freshly baked cookies. This is a book that makes us happy and hungry!

Which of our Christmas books and activities for kids will you be trying out this year? Have anything else you would add to the list? Let us know, and let’s get a discussion going on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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