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Crafts for Thanksgiving in Canada

October is just around the corner and that means a month full of fun and exciting things for Canadians, starting with Thanksgiving. The holidays always make for a fun time to decorate, especially with your own crafts! Crafting is so beneficial for kids, and autumn is the perfect time to get creative with so many easy and colorful projects to work on that can be used to decorate the home for a warm, family feel. Here are some ideas for fun crafts for the kids to make for Thanksgiving in Canada.

The Thankful Turkey

Thanksgiving in Canada is all about the turkey and giving thanks! Here is a great idea to honor both. Get a small empty tissue box and paint the whole thing brown. Use brown construction paper to cut the turkey’s head and neck (an adult may need to do this depending on age!) Add eyes (either glue googley-eyes or draw them on.) Use construction paper to make a beak and the snood (the red fleshy bit that hangs off the side of the beak.) Use different colored construction paper to cut out feathers. Orange, brown, red, and yellow look great. You can decorate these with more feathers, glitter, anything you want to add a little pizzazz. Glue the feathers together on one side and the head on the other so the box is the body. The box can be filled with little papers that say what your family is thankful for, and they can be read out on the big day.

(Credit: https://iheartcraftythings.com/thankful-turkey-box-tutorial.html)

Thanking Tree

This is a wonderful project that you can see “grow.” Get a large piece of brown shipping paper and cut it out into the shape of a tree trunk and bare branches and paste it against white paper or just draw one on white paper and have the kids color it in. Cut out leaves of various shapes but large enough to write in. The whole family can write what they are thankful for on the leaf and glue it to a branch. Encourage at least one a day leading up to Thanksgiving, so by the time the day comes around you have a gorgeous tree full of beautiful leaves.

(Credit: http://www.iclicknprint.com/blog/tag/thankful-tree/)

Turkey Potholders

This is a great little souvenir that can be used to help with putting out all those yummy Thanksgiving dishes and also as a gift for family members. Get a plain potholder. Use fabric paints to paint little one’s hands with brown paint for the palm and thumb and various colors for the fingers as feathers. Press firmly into the potholder. Add a beak and snood to the turkey’s head. Let it dry completely before using.

(Credit: http://www.whathappensatgrandmas.com/2012/11/turkey-sandwich-hand-print-potholder.html)

Scarecrow Magnet

A scarecrow is a symbol on autumn, and here’s your chance to have the kids make their own as a magnet out of popsicle sticks. Get a piece of cardstock or cardboard and glue seven popsicle sticks together side-by-side. Glue one across the top (about a third of the way down) to make the brim of a hat. Color and decorate the hat and draw a happy face with markers. A few strands of straw or yarn can be used for hair to stick out of the sides. Glue on a magnet onto the back so you can put your artwork on the refrigerator.

(Credit: http://thisgirlslifeblog.com/2014/09/popsicle-stick-scarecrow-magnet.html)

Thankful Placemats

Here are a couple placemat ideas that is great for all ages. The first one uses weaving which is great for fine motor skills. Use a piece of brown foam or a large piece of construction paper and cut strips that are as long as the width of the brown paper from autumnal-colored construction paper. Fold the large brown piece in half and cut evenly spaced splits, leaving at least an inch to the end of the paper. Open it back up and let your child weave the strips in and out. They might need a little help getting into it if they are quite young. You can decorate the edges with cut-out leaves or other Thanksgiving/autumnal things. Your child will be so proud to show off their creation on the table during dinner!

Another great way to make a placemat is even simpler and great for toddlers to make a collage of all things autumn. Use a large sheet of construction paper (orange or yellow is great so drawings can be seen). In the middle, draw a turkey using the outline of your child’s hand. Color the hand turkey in and maybe even a little scene for the turkey to be in. Be creative! On the outside or frame of the placemat, glue pieces of red, yellow, brown, and orange construction or tissue paper.

(Credit: https://diycandy.com/2013/11/14-easy-kids-thanksgiving-crafts/15/)

Will you be doing Thanksgiving crafts this year for October 9th? We’d love to see them over on our Instagram page using #petitebeautykids!


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