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Easy Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is all about the love, and there’s no better way to share that than with a handmade gift. Letting the kids make crafts to give to family or friends is a great way to encourage creativity while celebrating love! Finding easy toddler Valentine’s Day crafts that are perfect for basic skills while using fine motor skills and creativity can be hard, but we’ve compiled a list of the best ones to try out this year. All kids will have fun enjoying these!

Textured Yarn Heart

(Source: Hands On As We Grow, https://handsonaswegrow.com/texture-yarn-heart-craft/)

This is a really simple activity that can end up being very colorful! On construction paper, you can start by making the shape of a heart. Under your supervision, have your child squeeze the glue (school glue works best instead of a glue stick) inside the heart. Simply let your child add the yarn in every way and shape it can go. There are no real rules here! You can even build up the yarn like the one from Hands On As We Grow to make it stand out more.

You don’t have to limit yourself to yarn too. Buttons are also a great decoration to use to put inside the heart.

Heart Hedgehog

(Source: Fireflies and Mudpies, https://www.firefliesandmudpies.com/heart-hedgehog-craft/)

This hedgehog craft is super cute, but you may need to spend a bit of time prepping to make it easier for your child. Cut out an easy hedgehog shape that is round on one end and tails off on the other. Then use different colored construction or tissue paper to cut out several hearts. Your little one can use a glue stick on the hedgehog where they want to lace a heart. It absolutely does not have to be perfect but encourage them to cover the whole body. Glue on a wiggly eye and use a pompom for the nose.

Woven heart

(Source: Aunt Annie’s Crafts, http://www.auntannie.com/Valentines/HeartBasket/)

This is a great project that helps with fine motor skills and weaving and is super easy for older kids. This may be frustrating for younger children, but they may be able to do so with some help and can still have fun decorating after. Cut out two bell jar shapes out of two different colors for contrast. that when overlapped makes a heart. Cut three slits in each to where the paper starts to curve so that there are four evenly spaced pieces to work with. Weave these into a checkerboard pattern. You may need to glue down the edges so they stick. You can leave it as is or decorate with buttons in the squares or even glitter.

Bubble wrap hearts

(Source: Mess for Less, https://www.messforless.net/bubble-wrap-hearts/)

Break out the paint clothes! It’s time to get messy. Cut out bubble wrap into a few different size heart shapes. Layout trays with different color paint and let your child place the heart bubble side down and then onto a big piece of paper. Have fun with it and let your child create a fun design with lots of colors and shapes that come with a textured look.

Stained “glass” heart

(Source: Simple Fun for Kids, https://www.simplefunforkids.com/stained-glass-heart.html/)

Cut out a heart from construction paper (easily done by folding it in half and cutting half a heart lengthways from the fold. Add contact paper to the back so the middle of the heart shape is sticky on one side. Your toddler can tear off small pieces of tissue paper to stick in the middle. Hang it up in the sunlight to bring out the colors! Be sure to use a few different colors of tissue paper.

If you cannot get contact paper, alternatively use greaseproof paper or a clear piece of plastic such as from a milk bottle, cut in the shape of a heart and glue on tissue paper.

Cardboard tube heart shapes

(Source: Rust and Sunshine, http://www.rustandsunshine.com/2012/01/heart-stamps.html?ref=pcrorganicgglunkwn&prid=pcseogglunkwn)

Use empty toilet paper tubes for this next craft. Fold in one side like the picture above from Rust and Sunshine and use a pie of tape on either side to keep it from opening up. This is the perfect size for your toddler to grab and dip in some red and pink paints to make their very own heart collage.

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