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Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Dancing

Having trouble getting your kids active? Among the best ideas to keep little ones moving is to introduce dancing! It’s an incredibly fun way of exercising, and here are some easy ways to do it.

Play Their Favourite Tunes

Surrounded by their favorite music, a lot of children naturally groove. You could even throw in some classic party tunes, like the ‘YMCA’, the ‘Macarena’, and the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ and teach your children the moves! Not only will you both be active, but you’ll have heaps of fun too!

Take Them To A Dance Class

Joining a dance class or club is a fantastic way to introduce dance to kids. Research local dance schools for a class that would suit your child, and encourage them to go along. Not only will they be dancing, but they can also make new friends at their dance class.

Play Games!

The best way to get kids dancing is to make it fun! There are heaps of party games that children love to play, including musical statues, musical bumps and Simon Says. Kids love a competition, and they will do their best to try and win – meaning they are likely to keep moving while playing these games!

Find Dance Videos

By using videos from the internet or from a DVD, the kids can copy dance moves from the screen. There are plenty of videos on the web that contain fun and easy dance routines for kids, where they can dance along and pick up the steps. They can dance on their own or with friends, and there are also many dancing games on a variety of consoles for them to get involved in. They might be enjoying it so much that you may even want to join in!

Host A Party!

What better way to get the whole family dancing than to host your own party?! No need for a special occasion – just invite friends and family along to have a great time. Use the ideas above to help you plan the best dance party ever – include fun games, party music, dance videos and even competitions to get the kids active!


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