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Fabulous Easter Gifts and Treats (That Are Not Chocolate)

We love a bit of chocolate from tie to time, and Easter is up there with the best holidays to get some. Between chocolate bunnies and Cadbury’s Cream Eggs, we’re in springtime chocolate heaven! However, sometimes it can be a bit too much, especially for kids. When you have the Easter Bunny visiting with goodies, Grandma and Grandma handing out chocolate eggs, and a little something from aunts and uncles and so forth, your child has an abundance of chocolate! And while this special treat is perfectly fine to indulge on occasionally (and especially on a holiday like Easter), if you want to cut back on the amount of chocolate and try something different, then these Easter gifts and treats are a great alternative!

Jell-o Devilled Eggs

(Source: https://myhoneysplace.com/jello-deviled-easter-eggs-with-vanilla-filling/)

Devilled eggs are an Easter staple around these parts but for an extra special treat, why not make them part of the dessert? These eggs are fun and colorful and sure to be a hit at any gathering. You can find instructions here: https://myhoneysplace.com/jello-deviled-easter-eggs-with-vanilla-filling/ if you need them, but consider switching out the Jell-O for the sugar-free kind and using a light whipped cream for a tasty treat with the extra sugar.

Beatrix Potter Books

Beatrix Potter is probably best known for her Tale of Peter Rabbit, but she has produced a huge range of timeless tales that just have a springtime vibe. Jemima Puddleduck, Benjamin Bunny, and Jeremy Fisher are just some of the well-loved characters Beatrix Potter brought to life over 100 years ago. A collection of these tales would be a must in any young book-lover’s library.

Farm Playset

The springtime isn’t just about bunnies – it’s about chicks and lambs, and all new life coming after the long winter. A farm playset is a fun way for kids to start to get an understanding where these animals live and the work that goes into taking care of them. We think this is a great Easter gift for some of the littlest family members. This Little People one by Fisher-Price is quite popular, but there are many out there to choose from including playsets made from blocks for ages 6-months+ to Lego versions

Soft, cuddly toy

What better way to usher in the spring than with a new friend? Cuddly toys are popular Easter basket accompaniments, and they bring a lot of joy that lasts a lot longer than chocolate. You can find them in most sizes and colors and don’t feel like you have to stick with just bunnies (although they are adorable!)

Easter Craft Kits

Does your child love arts and crafts? Then you can find whole craft sets dedicated to springtime and/or Easter. There are also plenty of coloring books to choose from for the little artists in your life.

New PJs for the Spring

This may not sound very exciting at first, but it’s time to put the winter pyjamas away and make way for new ones fit for this time of year. In the same way, some families have the tradition of giving new pyjamas at Christmastime, the same can be applied for spring/Easter. Go for something brighter, lighter, and fun – a change from the flannel that was probably used before. You can even present it in a box with a new stuffed toy for Easter, a book, and a springtime movie like Here Comes Peter Cottontail.

Bunny Cookies

Break out the bunny and egg-shaped cookie cutters and have fun decorating! Kids can design their own bunny or Easter “egg” using frosting, M&Ms, sprinkles, edible glitter, and more to hand out to family members. Still a sweet treat, but a nice alternative to chocolate sometimes!

Bunny and Chick-shaped Marshmallows

…and we don’t mean those super-sweet Peeps (unless you like those!) You can find bite-sized mini bunny marshmallows that are colorful and delicious to eat. Sometimes they come in different flavors too. You may even find a big marshmallow bunny that can go in an Easter basket.

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