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Family Spring Activities

Now that the sunshine is starting to warm up our part of the Earth, it’s the perfect time to plan springtime activities we may have put off in the cold winter. We’ve got some fun ideas that the whole family will enjoy.


Spring is the ultimate tie to get that garden ready for re-growth. This year, get the kids involved in creating one. They can help you pick out different plants, take care of them, and pick fruits, vegetables and flowers when they’re ready. Gardening comes with a huge range of benefits for kids such as promoting healthy eating and exercise. You can read about the benefits of family gardening on our last blog here. Don’t have a garden? Create a space for one, even if it is something small just for the kids to plant some seeds.

Kite Flying

Flying a kite is a lost art it seems, but kids still love it! You can often find kites in stores this time of year, or you can even make your own. Then find a nice park with big open spaces on a breezy day where kids can run wild with their kite.

Make Bird Feeders

The birds will be back out chirping away and on the hunt for food, so why not make a simple bird feeder with the kids? There are several ways you can do this, one being with an old milk jug. Cut an opening in the middle big enough for birds to go in and seek shelter and enjoy some seed and use twine to superglue or hot glue around the top to hang on a branch. Another easy option is to smear pinecones with peanut butter and roll around in birdseed before hanging up outside as a treat to our feathered friends. Spend some time watching the birds come enjoy the food. You can even take it a step further by researching the types of birds you see to learn more about who your visitors are.

Have a Picnic

Tie to get back to the outdoors, and there’s no better way than with a picnic. Ask your family to help choose some of their favorite picnic foods to put into the basket, find a sunny spot, and enjoy a lunch alfresco style. You don’t need to go far for a picnic, although a change of scenery is often nice, you may want to consider a teddy bear picnic in your own backyard where your littlest ones can bring their teddy bear friends.

Chalk Art

Let the kids have fun with some chalk on the sidewalks and driveway. It isn’t permanent and will wash away or fade in a few days, so don’t be afraid to let kids have a go at it. Draw and play hopscotch, or have the kids draw around the outlines of each other and create funny versions of themselves.

Scavenger Hunt

Why not treat the kids to a scavenger hunt for an outdoor, springtime adventure? Make a list of things like birds, pine cones, someone walking a dog, etc. and check them off as you have a walk around the neighborhood or a park.

Have a Family Bike Ride

It’s time to dust off those bicycles that have been sitting in the garage all winter and put them to good use! Have any new bike riders? Then it’s the perfect time to learn now that all that snow has melted.

Miniature Golf

Playing mini golf is a super fun game for the whole family. It teaches coordination and patience while having a laugh. Just make sure your little ones don’t feel frustrated if they don’t make that hole-in-one. It’s just a fun activity that gets everyone out together having a good time and doesn’t have to be competitive.

Art Projects Using Nature

Take a walk and have kids pick up things they can use for some arts and crafts, like leaves, flower petals, etc. and have a good craft session using these items. Kids can create their own spring scenes on paper with their finds.

What sort of activities will you be planning to do this springtime? Tell us about it! Add a comment or follow us on social media to share your plans and ideas.


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