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Fun Games For Kids!

It can be hard nowadays to keep kids entertained without the use of technology. That’s why we’ve put together some really easy and fun games that require little or no equipment and will keep your little ones occupied for a while!

  • The Fruit Game – Assign different fruits to parts of a room, for example, strawberry is the sofa, banana is by the window etc.  Every time you say that fruit, the kids have to run to where you assigned it. It’s great to start off with a few fruits and gradually add more in as you go to make it more interesting and challenging. You don’t have to stick with fruits either – you could try colors or different words and themes that they are learning at school. I just tend to use fruits as it promotes healthy eating, and children seem to love it!
  • Hide and Seek – This is a classic and can be played anywhere with plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in. Make it, even more, fun by playing the ‘Sardines’ version, where 1 player hides and the rest tries to find them. But here’s the twist…once a player finds the person hiding, then have to join them and hide in the same space. It’s particularly funny once there’s a few of you hiding in a small space, as there’ll be plenty of giggles! The loser is the one who finds the group last.
  • Gym Trail – Create your own gym trail course indoors or out in the garden or local park. You could make mini hurdles for them to jump over, beanbags to throw, hula hoops to step through, a balance beam, and a tunnel to crawl through. You can use everyday objects from around the house to add to your course – no need to buy anything! Want to ramp up the competition? Time each lap with a timer and get your kids racing each other! Then try and get them to do the whole course backward!
  • Mini Olympics! – While we’re on the subject of sport, you and the kids could host your own mini Olympics! Decide on some events, such as sprints, long distance races or classic games such as the egg and spoon race. Involve the whole family or some friends by having an adult’s race too – you’ll all be driving for the start line in no time.
  • Musical Statues – Put on some of the kid’s favorite tunes (Disney always goes down well!) and get the little ones dancing around to the music. Pause the track now and again, and every time it does, the kids have to freeze and become a statue. If you catch them moving an inch, they’re out! This one’s great for parties, and there can be a prize for the winner. Also, try musical bumps – a similar idea, but instead of becoming a statue, they have to sit down when the music stops. So much fun for everyone involved!

Get the kids active, and let them have heaps of fun at the same time!


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