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Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

Those moments spent with your baby, especially in the first few days, weeks, and months, are some of the most precious times parents can have. This is a wonderful time, which makes it even harder taking those first steps back to work after maternity or paternity leave is at an end. It is an incredibly emotional time for parents, but one that many, if not most parents nowadays, have gone through. Not going to lie, it can be hard! But here are some tips on how to make that jump going back to work after having a baby a bit less stressful.

Plan Childcare

This is the most obvious thing parents need to do before going back to work, but it can also be the hardest. Maybe you have a family member who will be watching your child or maybe you will need to find a daycare.

Daycares are sometimes frowned upon, but why? They’re there to help families like yours! They can fill up quickly due to limited spots for young babies, so this is something we suggest doing as far in advance as possible. Visit each center, meet the staff, and learn more about the facilities and routines before deciding on which is going to best for you.

Set a Routine

You may have done your best to have a routine now, but things can change slightly when you go back to work. Make these changes before you head back into the workplace to get you and your baby adjusted slowly without having to take a big leap into something new right away. Get things ready the night before, including food, clothes, diapers, etc. If you are breastfeeding and need to pump, make sure you give yourself time to do that as well to have plenty for the day(s) ahead. Arrange eating and nap times around the times they would be if your child is going to daycare. Plan things like meals in advance, because your time may be more limited to prep and cook meals when you’re back to work, and you don’t want to overrun yourself.

Be Confident About Returning

After a long absence, it may seem easy to feel a bit “lost” about returning, like you have missed out on a lot during the time you were gone. You think that things could have changed, like the people who work there, the roles, and even the skills. This isn’t something to worry about! Ease back into things by visiting your workplace. Meet your co-workers and boss for a coffee and a chat about any changes to prepare yourself before you come back. You may even get to work alongside someone else on the job to get you back into routine and up-to-speed on tasks rather than just leaving you to it.

Don’t Feel Guilty

This is easier said than done, as you’re taking a big step here, but try not to worry too much. You know that in the rare event that there was a problem, you’d be informed. Call the daycare/babysitter to check in for those first few days if it makes you feel better (they’re used to it!).

Finally, know that your baby is going to be okay without you there. Babies are only just developing a sense of time and won’t realize if you are gone for eight hours. They will be exploring their new surroundings and won’t be developing memories of you not being around, so try not to let it get to you too much! There is absolutely nothing to be feeling guilty about, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Do What’s Best for You

Whether you are going back to work or deciding to take extra time at home with your newest addition, the best thing you can do is what is right for you and your family. Parents should never feel shamed for their choices. If you do decide that going back to work is the best route, then we hope these tips help make the transition easier for you and your family!


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