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Helping Kids Be Positive

Helping kids be positive. “Positive vibes lead to positive life” as they say, but as true as this may be, how do you instill this mindset into your children?

It’s far too common for kids to experience doubt, fear, and negative feelings. While this is something natural that we will all feel, children tend to think the worst of situations before being positive about it. Thankfully, parents, other family members, and teachers can all help children develop a positive mindset. This is part of a child’s development and contributes to their mental wellbeing. Here are some ideas on how to encourage positive thinking within your children and help them see the world through more upbeat eyes.

Brain Training

Like all skills, emotional resilience and positive thinking are things that we need to be taught. We must be taught how to respond to situations. The brain can be “wired” to think about things differently. Kids can start learning about the positive approach early on with help from these activities for toddlers to teens, and even to benefit you too!

Let’s Help Others

Bringing joy to others through acts big and small is certainly one way to bring joy to ourselves. Being able to help those in need brings a sense of joy and belonging for all involved. This includes anything as simple as carrying heavy bags for someone in need, walking an elderly person across the street, spending time reading out loud at a nursing home, volunteering at a soup kitchen…these are all things that will make a difference. Make sure your children know about why we do these things and the difference that they are making. This brings a sense of pride and belongingness within their community, which makes way for a more optimistic approach when it comes to being part of a community, especially when done as a family!

Share More Positive Experiences

Plan time to have positive experiences with your child. This includes trips out to favorite places, watching a funny movie, going out for ice cream, or even playing at the park together. Make sure you do things together – this isn’t just about going to the park and letting your child play! Give them lots of attention, share a laugh and smile together. Don’t forget plenty of hugs too!

Send Positive Thoughts to Others

One good thing to practice is to send good thoughts to those you love every night. Loving Kindness Meditation is the practice of sending kind thoughts to those who may need it. Before bed, ask your child who needs extra positive thoughts for the day. They may tell you someone they’re worried about, but practicing sending good thoughts will help them think more positively and generally better about situations that may have them worrying.

This is also a good time to practice some positive affirmations as well. Try not to make it a formal thing. Instead, try to come up with your own in a fun way where kids can reassure themselves that they are enough, they are loved, and that they belong! We particularly like this one from Dr. Seuss that expresses how unique you are.

What do you do to get your kids thinking positively and have a positive attitude? You also can read how Teaching gratitude to your kids. Share your thoughts and ideas with us!


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