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How to be a Supermom

Between the friends and family who seem to have it all together and the media showing how “real” moms do things, there is a lot of pressure to be Supermom.

You moms out there know what I mean – the moms who can handle anything thrown at them seamlessly, who have the morning school prep down to a T and have scheduled out everything so perfect. Meanwhile, she looks fabulous and comes off as she has everything under control.

This is what we all want right?

Of course it is, but although the title says, “How to be a Supermom,” I will let you into a little secret: There’s no such thing.

Well, this is sort of the case anyways. More on that later.

I think many of us would agree that motherhood is the most rewarding thing life can throw at us. It is also the most challenging. And it doesn’t come with instructions.

Sure, there are lots of books, and great blogs (like this one!) to help give tips and advice for some of the difficult moments we all go through as a parent, but really, everyone will experience parenthood in their own way. However, we’re constantly reminded of what a “good mom” looks like.

Family and Friends

Let’s start with the family. I love mine very much, don’t get me wrong, but from the moment I announced I was pregnant, a lot of them would tell me “Well, when I was pregnant I worked up to my due date,” or “I did this all the time and it never did me any harm,” and the like. Before you even have your child, you can feel like you’re doing things wrong.

Then there is the breastfeeding debate (which we won’t get into too much!). You will have friends and family who happily announce that they were able to breastfeed. This can be very, very daunting for any woman who is new to motherhood. At the end of the day, you should do what’s best for your child AND you without any worry what anyone else has to say about it.

And there are the friends or other moms you see who are juggling kids and after-school clubs and sports always shows up with cupcakes or some home-baked goods of some sort, all while working a full-time job. These moms seem like they have it all together and more. Get the idea out of your head that this is what we should all be like. We never know what’s going on, so never compare yourselves to other moms.

Then the mom guilt kicks in. You forgot your child’s lunch, you’re late picking up your son from soccer practice, or maybe you couldn’t get the toy your child wanted. I promise, absolutely none of this will matter (Check out our Mom Guilt blog (http://www.petitebeautykids.com/how-to-stop-the-mom-guilt-youre-doing-just-fine/) for more on this hot topic!)

Pressures from the Media

Although the media have gotten a bit better in the last couple of decades, I still feel there is a bias towards mothers, so when we see happy kids on television commercials, there is usually a mom nearby beaming with pride. There’s that message, “Because I used this product, my baby’s happy.” Then you feel like you have to go out and do the same to keep your baby happy and healthy. I think it really plays on moms’ emotions here because they know that it is us who are constantly striving to do the best we can. The pressure is real.

How to Actually Be a Supermom

Earlier I mentioned how there kind of wasn’t such a thing as a supermom. In the sense of how the media portrays and how our friends and family may pretend to be, absolutely not, but in a way that a supermom is a caring, loving mother who does her best, absolutely yes.

By doing your best means looking after yourself too. If you’ve noticed on our social media, occasionally we post about how parents should be looking after themselves. It’s true that happy, healthy parents make happy, healthy children. This means taking time for yourself (yes, without the kids!) and doing something you love. A supermom is a loving mother, but she is also a woman who has certain likes, hobbies, and friends and someone who should be able to enjoy those things. Never feel guilty for it!

There is no secret to becoming a supermom. Simply do the best you can with what you have and look after yourself too.

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