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How to Encourage Your Child to LOVE Reading

Books are so wonderful and full of adventure. Within a few pages, you can find yourself immersed in a whole new world you never imagined before. You meet characters from all sorts of backgrounds from all around the world, and you get the opportunity to go on an adventure with them. This sounds incredible, but for some kids, it is hard to convince them to pick up a book and join in. your child doesn’t have to be a complete bookworm to appreciate a good book, but it is good to get them interested in some tales as reading comes with a whole host of skills vital to development. How do you put the love of books into your child? Here are a few tips.

Spend time reading aloud

From a very young age, you should be reading aloud to your child. Even if you think they aren’t even paying attention or understanding what’s going on, they may be mesmerized by the bright pictures while hearing the words. Eventually, these words will connect with the images. This helps with language development. The more babies hear, the better, so keep it up!

Put reading on a regular schedule

Dedicating time to read a book, especially before bed, may put your child into the habit of winding down with a book before going to bed. This habit is something they can take with them well into adulthood too!

Let them decide which pages to read

It can be incredibly annoying to be reading a book to your child only for them to flip through the pages on you, leaving you only able to get a few words in before the pages are being turned again. As much as you want to flip back to the page and try again, forcing your child to stay on a page and read at a young age will not instill a love of reading. You can try to just read the story from memory if you already know it or improvise and make up a story that flows. They may get interested and stay on a page longer.

Create a little library

Have a space that is just for books, whether that be in a small bookshelf or even a little reading corner. If books are thrown in with the toys, they will be seen as just toys. Go for a variety of books to keep the kids interested. Include pop-up books, hardcover books, books with buttons that make noise, and don’t forget a variety of topics too. You can always add a few yourself, but when you can, let your child pick out books they want to add to their library.

Take trips to the library

The library is obviously the ultimate place to find books. Children’s sections often are full of a combination of classics and newer titles. It can be a nice little afternoon out going through the books available and talking about them to help them pick out a few to take home. If they get to pick out what they want to read, it will get them more interested. It may also help them get excited to come back and get more books.

Do activities related to the books

Many books can also be the inspiration for activities. Flat Stanley, for example, is a book that is well-loved in many classrooms, and teachers often turn that story into a fun activity kid can take part in, making “flat” versions of themselves and taking them on adventures. If you read about pirates, go on a treasure hunt. Stories about Princess can come with a fun princess party, dressed like characters in the book.

Audiobooks still counts as reading time

Just like how you would read aloud to your child, an audiobook is a great way to get kids interested in books. Hearing the stories will help develop their listening and reading skills when they are ready. Audiobooks are great to play during long trips in the car.

For World Book Day this year (March 1st), PetiteBeautyKids wants to put together our readers’ family’s favorite books. From toddler to teenager, we want to know the hottest books and series for 2018. Be sure to let us know in the comments, or over on our social media pages. We want to hear all about the best-loved stories out there!


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