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How to Introduce Halloween to Toddlers

Considering taking your toddler trick-or-treating this year? Halloween can be a lot of fun, but for the young ones, they may not understand and can quite possibly become scared. The holiday comes with a lot of history, but toddlers won’t grasp reasons why people dress up and get candy on this one night of the year. If you want to introduce this fun and creative day to your child without it becoming too much, then we’ve got some tips for you.

Keep Everything Age-Appropriate

From costumes to decorations to where you go trick-or-treating, make sure it is age-appropriate for your little one. Your child won’t necessarily embrace Halloween if you take them to a haunted house right away. Instead, keep it fun and friendly, with some light decorations and funny faces carved into pumpkins. Costumes can be silly and cute rather than super spooky.

When it comes to explaining why we celebrate Halloween, there’s no need to delve into the deep history. You could just say it’s a day to dress up and be someone else for the night just for fun! It’s like a big party in the neighborhood!

Get the Family Involved

There’s no reason why Halloween can’t be a holiday for the whole family – at least in this house Halloween isn’t just for the kids! Everyone can dress up, even if a little bit like a funky hat or colored hairspray. Your child will love seeing Mommy or Daddy dressing up silly too!

It’s also a great time to talk about what you did as a child during Halloween and even shares some photos of your trick-or-treating days (just leave out the parts about egging and toilet papering trees!). It’s a great way to show them that this is meant to be an exciting time for kids.

Get Creative

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative, so break out the arts and crafts and encourage the kids to get involved. There are lots of easy and cute ideas to put together easily found on the web or come up with your own. Kids will love seeing their artwork as part of the decorations too.

Do Other Activities Leading Up to the Big Day

Halloween is technically one night but the events leading up to it can be just an enjoyable. Go on a hayride, visit a pumpkin patch, and carve pumpkins together (or paint them as a safer alternative for little hands!). Look out for kid-friendly Halloween parties too.

You could also bake up some “spooky” goodies like themed cookies and cupcakes. Roasted pumpkin seeds from the Jack O’Lanterns is also a tasty and highly-nutritious seasonal snack. Cooking and baking together is a good family activity regardless but put a Halloween spin on it.

There are plenty of family-friendly shows and movies on too to watch as a family, like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Overall, Halloween should be able to be enjoyed by all, even the youngest family members. Never force your child to see or experience something that might be scary to them. If they show resistance about going up to a house where the decorations might be a bit scary, then skip it. Instead, try these tips to let them know that it can be super fun, and let them experience it in a way they’re ready for.

Share with Us Your Tips!

Have your own tips and tricks about introducing Halloween to toddlers? Get in touch! We’d love to hear how other parents were able to make this an enjoyable time for their young ones. Find us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know!


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