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(More) Craft Ideas for this Thanksgiving!

Crafting can be such a rewarding experience for kids, and there is no better time to break out the paper, glue, crayons, and more necessities than around the holidays. It’s not only enjoyable but also beneficial. Arts and crafts time is vital to a child’s development, but it also gives the opportunity to learn new things without them even knowing it!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year that celebrates exactly what it says: Giving thanks! It’s the perfect time of year to gather with family and friends to reflect on the past year. Crafting with your child may help show meaning and help them reflect on all the good things that have happened too.

We previously mentioned some fun craft ideas before Canadian Thanksgiving that you can check out on our blog here, but there are even more fun and creative ideas that will help celebrate the meaning of the holiday.

Tissue Paper Turkey

The main thing that seems to surround Thanksgiving is certainly the turkey – and there are a lot of craft ideas to go with them! Each one is super cute too. Here is our first turkey craft from Crafty Morning

(Source: Crafty Morning )

We like this tissue paper turkey because it can be incredibly versatile. By no means does your turkey have to look like the one above. Kids of all ages can have fun gluing multi-colored tissue paper onto a paper plate, either as a pattern or just wherever they feel like it! You can cut feathers out in advance for them or older kids can do it themselves, trying out with different shapes too. In the end, use brown construction paper to make a turkey’s head and body and orange construction paper for feet. This paper plate turkey can be made with various things though, like construction paper feathers or actual craft feathers too. Why not give a few options and see what your child comes up with?

Leaf Painting

(Source: https://www.artycraftykids.com/art/autumn-leaf-painting/)

There are two fun parts to this Thanksgiving art idea!

First, you will need to go on a leaf hunt! Maybe you have plenty in the front of the backyard, or perhaps a trip to the park is in order. Look for solid leaves that are a few different shapes and sizes.

Use big sheets of construction paper for this if you can so you can fit more leaves on it. Have your child pace the leaf on the paper and paint around the edges of the leaf onto the paper so that you’re left with the shape of the leaf. For younger kids, you could help by taping the leaf into pace while they paint away. Even if they paint the entire sheet of paper, you will remove the leaves and find the shapes, leaving you with a gorgeous piece of artwork, compliments of the kids!

Cheerio Corn on the Cob

(Source: Glued to my Crafts Blog )

This is a fun craft for the little ones, especially those who love their cereal! Pre-cut a large “ear of corn” and two leaves to go behind it out of construction paper. You can help spread the glue or let your child do it his or herself to put Cheerios on the ear of corn, making it look like corn kernels. Multigrain Cheerios are best since they can look more like Indian corn, but it is not necessary. They can even eat a few too (but not after they have been glued!) You don’t have to use Cheerios. Popcorn is great too, but make sure to use popped just in case your child decides they’re hungry.

Turkey Hat

(Source: Great Kids Birthday Parties)

There are many different ways to make a turkey hat so let your child’s imagination run free. Start with basics such as measuring your child’s head and cutting out a strip of brown paper are least two inches wide to fit around it. You may need to staple or glue pieces together to fit. Add a turkey head/body to the front and feathers in the back using either your child’s handprint cut out on construction paper, craft feathers, tissue paper, construction paper and more. You can decorate the feathers if your child really wants to go all out too! They’ll love wearing their artwork when the family comes around for dinner!

Great Kids Birthday Parties has a template you can use here: http://www.great-kids-birthday-parties.com/thanksgiving-coloring-pages.html. They also have a plethora of kids’ activities on their website, from printed coloring pages to mazes and more! Your child will not be left without ideas on their page.

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