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Mother’s Day Crafts for the Kids

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday (eek!) While flowers and chocolates are always a sure thing, nothing beats a handmade craft made with love by the kids! You know they made something special just with Mom or Grandma in mind. These crafts are not only fun to do, but also helps with hand-eye coordination skills and promotes good self-esteem, especially when they see Mommy’s face light up when she receives their very own creation! If you want to get the kids involved in that special present, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Queen for a Day

This is a great idea for any age. Make Mom or Grandma feel like the Queen she is with an easy crown! You may need to help the younger ones by already cutting out a crown template, preferably on construction paper for the durability. Then comes the fun part…decorating! The possibilities as to how it will look is endless. Use pom-poms, markers, tissue paper, and even glitter and paint (if you’re brave!) Let dry flat before gluing together at the ends and allow time to dry before presenting the Queen with her crown!

Popsicle Stick Frames

For this project, you can use either 4 (single) or 8 (side-by-side) popsicle sticks. You can paint the popsicles sticks ahead of time. Allow them to dry first if you are painting before gluing and decorating. Make a square with the sticks, gluing them at the tips. Decorate the frame again however you’d like! Pick out a favorite picture of the children or better yet, the children having a great time with Mom or Grandma, and make sure it fits the frame. Glue this picture on some construction paper or cardboard before gluing it to the frame. You can add some magnets on the back or some ribbon to hang with.

Decorate Cookies/Cupcakes

This is always a fun hit for the kids and Mom! You an even get the kids involved in the baking process, stirring bowls or using cookie cutters. If the children are a bit younger, you may need to do this part for them, but they will still love putting sprinkles on Mommy’s cupcakes (with the hopes that she will share, of course!)

Cupcake Bouquet

If the kids are a bit older, they may want to attempt a cupcake bouquet. Have a basket, pot, or bucket with a Styrofoam insert that goes over the top. Use skewers to attach the cupcake to the Styrofoam and put tissue paper in to fill the gaps. Green works great for the “leaves” but let the kids use their imagination!

Alternatively, if cupcakes are too messy, you can glue cupcake cases on construction paper to be the “flower” and either draw in the stems and leaves or use something like green popsicle sticks to glue on. Kids will love decorating the cupcake case flowers!

Handprint Bouquet

And while we’re on the subject of bouquets, you can get even the smallest of hands involved in the next project. Use fingerpaints or other washable non-toxic paint to paint hands before making a handprint on construction paper or cardboard. Bigger kids can do this on their own but the little ones may need help! Use brown construction paper to make the flower pot and glue that on, then use a marker to create the stems and leaves, or even pipe cleaners and other crafty bits and bobs.

A Tote (or Apron) for Mommy

Using fabric paints, use handprints and even footprints to make designs on a plain tote bag or apron. Hands can be flowers and feet can be made into butterflies. Fabric markers will add the finishing touch. You’re left a bag or apron that Mom and Grandma will be proud to use (especially since no one else in the world will have one just like it!)

Mother’s Day Candle

Turn those DollarTree candles into works of art! Wrap a piece of white tissue paper that is as wide as the candle around it. Let the kids decorate this with markers. Encourage them to make small, simple designs as too much marker ink will bleed through, so this project may be best for older children. When they are done, cut some wax paper that is slightly longer around so you can use it as a handle. Then use a hairdryer to slightly melt the design into the candle. When you can no longer see the white of the tissue paper peel off the wax paper, and you should be left with a very pretty candle just for Mom!

Mommy Coupons

Get the children together to decide which chores and other extras they will do for Mom to put together as a coupon book. This can be anything from doing dishes, walking the dog, or other household chores. You can use construction paper as a cover and regular paper as the coupons on the inside. Attach it however you would like. We like using a hole punch in the corner of every sheet and tying with a ribbon, so the coupon just needs to be pulled off to be redeemed.


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