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PetiteBeautyKids’ Guide to Moving with Kids

Moving to a new house, no matter how near or far you may travel, marks a new chapter in your family’s life. However, the moves never come easily especially with young kids. If you ever moved around as a child, you know how hard it can be. While everyone is stressed out about the move, kids tend to take things a bit differently. Some may be moving away from the only home they have ever known for the first time and see this as a scary jump. Others know they’re moving away from friends and neighbors and might have to start a new school. Our guide will help reduce that stress for both you and your children during this time.

Preparing for the move

Any decision to move is hardly ever taken lightly. There are so many things to consider other than just which house you want to move to. Whatever the reason for the move, it will have an effect on the whole family. This isn’t always a negative effect as it could mean new opportunities, however, kids don’t always see it that way. They thrive on familiarity and routine and when that becomes disrupted, it can be hard for them. Always make sure you prepare your kids for the move, keeping them involved in the process, which will help ease the stress.

As soon as you know you’re moving, talk to your child about it. Be prepared for mixed reactions, and answer all their questions truthfully. Talk to them as much as possible about the move and the new home in a way that makes it exciting and positive for them.

If you can have a look at the new home, then do so. Let them see their new home and ask them about how they want to decorate it. Take them around the neighborhood and if switching schools, go there too. Many schools will allow you to walk around and meet the new teacher ahead of time to help the transition. If you can’t do this due to distance, then utilize Google for pictures of the neighborhood and school.

Moving with a teenager? Then expect a lot of animosities. It is hardest for teens to move as they often are part of a social circle. Let them get their feelings out (in a healthy way) and answer all their questions. If you’re close enough, then reassure them they can always still see their friends and see if they can still attend events like homecoming or prom. If the distance is too great, then try to arrange for trips out when they can visit their friends and remind them that Skype and social media will always keep them connected.

Moving day

On the day of the move, it is important to make a plan. This will reduce the disorder that often comes with moving day. Make sure your child isn’t caught up in the middle of the moving of things. Give them a task to help keep them busy, otherwise, it is just chaotic for them. If need be, arrange for childcare in advance.

It helps if you already have a few items of familiarity set up in the home before your child gets there. It will feel more like “home” and reassure them that not much has changed. A gradual move is much better than one that happens on one day!

After the move

Many children tend to act up a bit after a move. This can be down to a way of expression from stress. They may also become a bit clingy and if they were a great sleeper before, this may change. Teens may rebel. Be understanding to their feelings and keep asking them open-ended questions about how they’re feeling even well after the move.

Never segregate yourself. It can make the new home seem even scarier not knowing anyone. Get to introducing yourself to the neighbors. Sometimes that friendly smile and a “hello!” from a neighbor can make all the difference.

Throw a housewarming party that sees a lot of familiar faces stop by. Your young child may suddenly be excited to show off his/her own room!

It is hard to reason with children and get them to fully understand why you’re moving, especially if they’re really young, and teens often flat out refuse to see reason, but these tips will help make the move a bit easier for the whole family.

Do you have any moving with kids tips? We’d love to hear about them and share the best ones with our readers. Comment below or find us on our social media pages.



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