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Preparing for Back to School

At PetiteBeautyKids, we have already talked about how to get young kids ready for their very first day of school, but what about kids who have already been in the school system? Even if your child has already been attending school, don’t expect the jump from summer back into school will be easy for them! Even though school should be a fun, welcoming place where friends are, it can be difficult to go back to a new classroom, with sometimes new friends, and sometimes new schools altogether. Here are a few tips that will make the transition back to school as easy as possible.

Take your child back to school shopping with you and get them involved. Give a few choices on different outfits and school supplies. Sometimes the school supply lists can be quite specific, but it is good to have some choices like which color they would like for their pencil case/box or folder.

Read, read, read! You can never do too much reading over the summer. Spend time reading with your child. Animate the characters and make the story come alive. If you go anywhere on vacation, take a few books with you so it is something that can be kept up. And if your child wants to read the same book 20 times before choosing a new one, that’s okay! For younger kids, the repetition is good, and they might even start reading the story to you before you know it. Also, make sure kids start going to bed at a decent bedtime and get used to getting up when they need to. After a couple months off of school, it can be hard to get up early again!

Get into a routine before the start of school, and have it start the night before. Get everything you need for the following day ready for bed. Lay out clothes and if appropriate, pack lunches that are ready to grab and go. When school starts, backpacks should be filled with all books and folders needed for the next day instead of scrambling the next morning to find everything and have a place specifically for the backpack. Kids will get into the habit of preparing the night before and grabbing and going in the morning. You will be glad for less stress in the mornings.

If your child is feeling a bit apprehensive, take a tour of the school. If the school has an Open House before the year starts, take advantage of it. Meet the teacher and other children in the class. They will probably see their friends there too, which will make them happier about attending again. Something else that might break the ice is making a “new school year” gift for the teacher. This can be a painted mason jar with pencils or a notebook with a covered designed by the child. Your child will love to get involved in the arts and crafts and be proud to give it to their new teacher!

Finally, why not have a back to school party? Your child will love seeing their friends while celebrating the start of the school year. These are usually big hits with both kids and parents. Fun school supplies can be given as party favors. It is a good way to mark the end of summer and get excited about a brand-new year!

Once the kids are back in school, the first couple of weeks can be hectic. It is important to let your child know that just because the school has started doesn’t mean the fun times at home stop too and that it’s not only all about school. Have some family time every day. This can be for at least 15 minutes before bed to play a game and talk about the day. It’s only a short amount of time, but it will make a big difference. It may be the only calm time of the day where everyone can be together and have a chat and a good laugh.

Have a designated homework spot that is free from distraction and get into the habit of getting homework done before playing. Trying to get your child away from playtime or TV to do homework will be like pulling teeth, so definitely consider homework time being before anything else. Their homework spot can have small drawers that are packed with anything that might be needed like colored pencils, markers, glue, pencil sharpener, etc. No excuses not to get it done then!

These are just some tips that will get your child not just ready for the school year, but happier as well with an easier transition from the carefree days of summer to school days again!


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