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Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

The holidays have come and gone. In those days, you probably spent a lot of time with the family, celebrating, visiting family, playing games, and more. Perhaps you took advice from our last blogs and got the kids involved in preparing for the holidays and even got them baking and cooking with you! This is a wonderful time of year, however, it all seems to stop in January when things go back to normal. While we still do what we can to spend time with the kids, it doesn’t seem to be quite the same it is when everyone is off work and school. How do you keep on spending quality time with the kids? We have some tips on easy ways to implement this quality time with fun times ahead for everyone.

Plan ahead of time

The best way to ensure you get the quality time it is to schedule it. Plan a weekend trip away, find a day to go to the beach, and the like. Get your child involved in the planning process with a list of things they would like to do, what snacks to bring, what stops to make, etc. The excitement of an upcoming activity will be an added bonus!

…But also be spontaneous!

All fun times don’t need to be planned. Spur of the moment activities is great. Is there a movie your child wants to see currently playing? Find the next show time and go! Instead of lunchtime in the house on a lazy Sunday, go have a treat out somewhere.

Have breakfast together

Getting ready for school and work can be the most chaotic time of the day. While your child has breakfast, you may be doing other things to get ready for the day. Take a time out and sit down and have breakfast with your child. Talk about the day ahead and what they’re most looking forward to. Tell them about your day too! It may mean you need to get up a bit earlier to allow yourself enough time to get ready and have breakfast, but you won’t notice 10 minutes less in bed, and your child will certainly notice the time spent together.

Have a bedtime routine

It’s a good idea to have a bedtime routine anyways, but be sure to include time with your child in that routine. Bedtime stories are great for younger kids. It also helps with developing reading comprehension, so this is something beneficial all around. While older kids may not be interested in Mom or Dad tucking them in and having story time, you can still spend a few minutes before bedtime for a chat about the day. Ask what was the best part of the day and what was the worst. What can be done to help the worst part?

Have a “fix your own dinner” night

After a long day, it is easy enough to cook up a dinner and serve it to everyone, but an even better way to bring everyone together is to let everyone fix their own! Taco nights are a fun way of letting everyone make their own meal the way they want it. You can even make it into a mini party with sombreros and maracas if you wanted to take it up a notch. Make-your-own pizzas and burritos are also good make-it-yourself meals. End it with create-your-own sundaes for the ultimate family night. If there is limited time, you can still get your child involved in the cooking process.

Play games

When your child gets a new game, you may play with it a few times but sometimes they end up gathering dust after that. Have a games night where you pull out the old favorites and have snacks while playing a variety of games. Is your child a bit older and likes their video games? Show an interest, grab a second controller, and get involved.

Playground time

Time at the playground is ideal when it comes to letting the kids get some energy out and catching up with other parents, but next time, take a break from the bench and have a run around with your child. We don’t mean climbing up on the jungle gym and having a go down the slide (although if it is safe to do and designed for adults to get involved then go for it!) You can be there to meet them at the end of the slide, push on the swings, or push the carousel. You’ll be active, feeling great, and be having lots of laughs with your little ones.

Our children grow up quickly. Within a blink of an eye, it seems they have gone from being a toddler to a teenager. Make the time count.


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