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Sport Activities For Parents and Kids

What better way to bond with your children than getting active! Staying active is crucial for the younger generation and you can be a big part in making it fun for your kids!

Way too often children are sitting on the couch playing video games instead of playing sports. With all the technology these days, kids have an endless stream of entertainment through the internet and television. Break that habit and get them involved in sports and activates you can do together! Even better, get the entire family involved.

Having trouble thinking of what activates you and your son or daughter can do together? No worries! I will share with you 5 different fun ways to get up and moving with your little-loved ones.

  1. Bicycling

We all remember learning how to ride a bike. What an accomplishment it was for those training wheels to come off! Your kids will remember the same exact thing when they get older.

Having the training wheels come off and riding by themselves gives them a sense of freedom. Even though you right next to them during the ride, it’s important for them mentally to be on their own bike feeling accomplished and free.

Riding bikes together can be a great exercise for the whole family. Family bonding while burning some serious calories, you can’t beat it! Some benefits you and your family will receive bicycling are building muscle, building bone by pedaling, being easy on your joints, and you’re getting an aerobic workout.

Not only does bicycling have physical benefits, but has mental benefits as well! A nice bike ride in the sunshine and fresh air will do the mind some good.

  1. Ice Skating

Find it hard to stay active with your kids during the winter months? Yes, sled riding in the backyard is fun but what is a great active sport you can take part in? Take the family to the ice skating rink and enjoy some fitness on the ice.

No matter what the season, ice skating rinks are always open. Holding your daughters or sons hand gliding down the rink is a moment you will always remember.

Along with family bonding, there are some incredible benefits that come with ice skating. Some of these include building your endurance, building leg muscles, better balance, and improved joints.

  1. Walk or Run For a Good Cause

What’s better than family bonding while donating to a charity or a good cause? Usually during the summer months, you’ll hear about different walks or runs that are going on in your city. Take part in this and bring the whole family along.

No matter if you walk or run, you will be getting some great exercise while teaching your kids to give back to the community or a charity.

Your family will get a good sweat on and feel amazing knowing your giving to someone in need!

  1. Backyard Sports

Get a little competitive with your kids and play some backyard sports! Backyard entertainment is a big deal for keeping kids having fun at your house.

One that comes to mind first is whiffle ball. This light perforated ball won’t hurt anyone and is tons of fun to hit with a whiffle ball bat!

For some more baseball related games, just catching and throwing a baseball can be extremely bonding for a parent and child.

By simply adding a volleyball net, you can turn your backyard into a volleyball court! Invite some family friends and their kids to get two teams to play against each other.

Another great sport that involves a net is badminton. Purchase a couple badminton rackets, a badminton ball, and a net and you’re ready to play!

  1. Basketball

Most communities have a public basketball court. Grab yourself a basketball or two and take the family there! The best part about shooting hoops is that there are so many different games you can play with your kids.

Remember playing the basketball shooting game H-O-R-S-E when you were younger? This is the perfect game to play with your kids to teach them how to spell different words as well.

Around The World is another game that only requires two or more people. The objective of the game is to go “around the world” and take shots from all different angles of the basketball court.

Enjoy Your Time Together

No matter what season it is, your family can get active and have a blast together. Scott Cohen, author for the landscapingnetwork.com says “families that play together stay together.”

Take time out of your week or weekend to spend some quality time being active with your child. With all of these options, there is something that you and your family can really enjoy. There is nothing better than time spent with your children while being active!


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