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Tips For Having The Kids At Home During Summer

If the kids are on their summer holidays and they aren’t at summer camp, they can get bored pretty easily. Instead of occupying them with TV time, here are a few tips of things you could get them involved in while they’re at home.

Make The Chores Fun

Many children secretly love helping out and having responsibilities, so assign them a couple of tasks to do around the house during the summer. You could make a chart and give them stickers on it for each chore they do, and at the end of the week, they get a reward. Alternatively, you could try making the chores into fun games, such as the ‘tidy-up game’, wherein you set a timer and see how much they can tidy before the time runs out. They’ll no doubt get competitive and want to beat their own score the next time they do it!

Baking With Kids

You may always feel like you’re preparing the food, but why not get your little ones involved too? Always be firm about hygiene and kitchen safety, however, your kids will have heaps of fun getting to do grown-up jobs! From making sandwiches to baking a cake, children love being creative and will be begging to lick the spoon afterward!

Keep A Routine

It can seem easy to let the kids lay in bed until late or stay up past their bedtime, but this can actually cause your children to feel more groggy. By keeping a fairly regular routine, your little ones will feel more stable, secure, and develop their own sense of self-discipline. This is proven to be great for their brains as they grow up, so stick to their usual routine whether they’re going to school or not.

Be Sociable

Meeting up with fellow parents and their kids is a great way to keep them occupied while you share the job of supervising them. It is a lot less pressure on you if you are on your own or have work or chores to get done, plus you’ll have a great time chatting away! The children will be developing their social skills and how to share and play together, while you can relax a little more. Perfect!

Handy Crafts

Make up a box or bag with some simple craft materials inside. You could include play dough, beads, pipe cleaners or other items that they can be creative with! It will take you minutes to throw together but will keep your children interested for much longer. This idea improves their sensory skills and fine motor movements while having tons of fun. Additionally, you could challenge them to make an object with the materials within, say, 10 minutes and you’ll enjoy seeing what they come up with!

Plan Ahead

Think ahead of time and arrange a day trip or event at some point within your schedule. A museum visit, a picnic, a trip to the funfair or simply meeting a playmate can be incredibly enjoyable for youngsters as it gives them something to look forward to, and will most likely get them active too! Be sure to spread out day trips during the summer, so that the little ones don’t get too tired out or too bored during periods of no events.

Balanced Lifestyle

Whatever you decide to do in the summer holidays with your kids at home, lead a balanced lifestyle. By not doing too much of one thing, you can prevent them from getting bored and you will keep their attention span for a lot longer. Spread out activities over the time they are off school and keep them eating healthily with a balanced diet – this will ensure your children’s lifestyles are stable and they are much more likely to grow up with this in mind.

Have a great summer!


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