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Yoga For Kids

Yoga is on the rise in the U.S. and that isn’t stopping anytime soon! There is a yoga studio popping up on every street corner and there’s a good reason for that. The benefits are out of this world!.  Not only can the benefits be received by adults, but also by children. You’ll hear classes called “Mommy and Me Yoga” or “Imagination Yoga”. These are geared towards the kiddo’s!

A yoga mat is a great place for kids to let out some bottled up energy and bring positive energy in. This is also a place for children to find strength within them. Mastering poses that were once difficult, brings a sense of accomplishment which I believe is important at any age.

Next time you are out and about buying a yoga mat, grab one for your son or daughter too. You’ll be rushing your child to the next kid yoga class you find after hearing these benefits.


Regardless of how your kids behave, working on behavior is a crucial part of their upbringing. Adding yoga practice into their day might be the answer for making this easier on you.

How would adding yoga into your child’s classes at school benefit their behavior? More than you may think.

A study done by a yoga therapist showed some pretty remarkable results. The therapist simply added 4 and a half hours of yoga sessions to 4th and 5th-grade classes over a two-week period. By doing this, the results showed a 93 percent decrease in aggressive behavior.

The aggressive action comes from deep inside. This study shows the power of inner peace and how yoga can bring that to a child.

Relaxation & Focus

Relaxation is probably the last thing you think of when your children come to mind. Focusing might be a little hard at times too. Kids get easily distracted. Yoga may be the answer to getting your kids to settle down and pay attention a bit more.

Yoga is a practice to help people to focus on the body. Teaching children the basics of deep breathing and sequencing through different poses can help them to focus. Because children think of these poses as a game or challenge, it helps them focus on the task at hand. In return, this helps them to calm down.

The practice of breathing techniques helps kids calm down in any situation. Taking deep breaths helps the heart rate to slow down in stressful circumstances. Yoga teaches children healthy habits such as staying calm and breathing through a situation instead of acting out or being quick to anger.

Flexibility and Balance

I wish I would have practiced yoga as a child, working out and being active as an adult would be much easier! Teaching children to stretch will help them in many areas of their life.  Building strength in muscles is also a great benefit of many stretching yoga poses. Strength and flexibility go hand in hand.

Is your son or daughter an athlete? Yoga is now mandatory for many high school and college sports teams. This is because taking time to stretch and building strength during yoga sequences a couple times a week helps prevent injury.

Improves Overall Well-Being

All the benefits listed tie together for an overall well-being. The teaching of yoga includes cleanliness, non-harming to self or others, gratitude, living modestly, self-love, and positivity. Instilling these practices in children through yoga classes sets them up for success now and in the future.

These characteristics will benefit them through school, just like the study above shows. It will help them get through tough times in their life, turning to inner peace instead of anger, depression, and anxiety.

Learning these teachings will help their self-esteem. They learn to love themselves which will help them to love others.

Being active, stretching, and breathing techniques will help their performance in many situations. If your child is involved with sports or working out, flexibility will help to prevent injury and other complications that arrive as we get older.

How to Get Kids to Practice

Monkey see monkey do. And no, I am not calling your child a monkey. Even though we all know kids can act like it sometimes! If they see you doing all these cool yoga poses, they won’t be able to help themselves but to do them with you.

Be an example for your kids. Staying active in front of them will entice them to do so. Instead of going to a yoga class while their home, find a class on YouTube and practice in the living room while their watching.

We all love bonding with our kids. I suggest finding a kids yoga class online and doing it with them. You can also buy yoga pose flash cards that work wonders for keeping your child entertained. These are great ways to get them off the iPad and on the mat.




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